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Skeleton smile - text

I’m a cyberpunk through the week
I wear my hair sorta punk like I’m some kinda freak
A rockabily skinhead like a biker gothic chic
A touch of new romantic I’m a hepcat I’m a beat
I’m anyway you want me that’s what I gotta do
I’m spending so much money but I can’t keep up with you

You got the look you got the style
I really shook when I saw your perfect smile
And in my book, and all the while
You got the look you got the style

I got my old set tuned to the gossip TV
Magazines talking ‚bout celebrity
Glossy colour photographs pined against my wall
A picture of the saviour on the carpet in the hall
Things are looking pretty looking ritzy looking good
The news tonight i sone way coming straight
From Hollywood

I had a dream last night man you were quite a sight
I couldn’t hear what you were saying
What I saw ain’t what I read, there’s nothing in your head
You’re just an empty record playing…

Got it all together got some new ideas
‚bout the way we been cheated down through the years
I’m never gonna listen to no man with perfect skin
Looking good is going out and ideas are coming in
Now you ain’t so beautiful and you ain’t so great
The fashion that you fashioned has jusst gone outta date…

You got a look, you got no style
I read their book I got your file
And tho it took me a while
See through your look Skeleton Smile

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