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Living in the cages - text

Islands in the sun
Got cages for everyone
Enough soldieers by the sea
To také care of you and you and me

There’s a logic that they teach
When you’re frying on the beach
Steel bars can set you free
There’s chains at the roots of the tree of liberty

And all the paper’s say
Freedom’s a bore
Who is really free
We can never be sure
So it goes on
Down through the ages
All the people
Living in cages
Living in cages

The sergeant’s at his desk
He got the key but he can’t get a rest
He just can’t leave his post
Gotta guard with his dog – he’s the dog force
Though he’s paid to hold the torch
When he’s watching he’s being watched
When he goes home late at night
He locks those doors extra tight

Feelin‘ safe
In his own private cell
Alarmed and protected
He’s done it so well
And outside
All night the storm rages
All the people
Living in cages
Living in cages

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