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All mad here - text

The Cheshire cat had a wicked sneer
A nasty grin from ear to ear
You’ve gotta understand
We’re all mad here
So také your horse pill
And have no fear

And Jimmy’s trigger when he faced the court
He couldn’t get Steph out of his thoughts
Kicking in the rockers might be fun
But he didn’t always feel that he was someone

The Hatter set a riddle with no answeer
Couldn’t be civil when he asked her
The Red Queen got nowhere
When she ran a bit faster
The Red King just sat there
Dreaming about her

And Jimmy’s end when he faced the coast
I am the sea, a tickedt at most
Want to bet he face of every toast
I’m bleedin‘ Quadrophonic, he had to boast

Ain’t gonna bet he one to suffer
I’m gonna bet he one to be tuffer
So také your pill
Have no fear
We’re all mad here

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