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This, is, the-the sound of revenge [repeat 2X]

You in the presence of the finest

Chamillitary mayne! This for the streets

Let's give 'em somethin they can bump (innnn the trunk)

At this point you should be turnin your speakers up

Turn your speakers up - Chamillionaire man!

Let it bump, it's a southern thing

Ha ha, Chamillitary mayne! (innnn the trunk)

[Verse 1]

I heard somebody say that the South ain't got no lyricists

Well 'bang bang' at the game like everyone down here is pissed

You lookin for the truth then look no further, here it is

Turn it up a notch so they can not say they not hearin this

They say Chamill is sick, click click, here's a clip

'Bang bang' at the rap game to make your spirits lift

And it seems to me the industry is all on Jigga's dick

Who? You, you, you, and you nigga - pick a click

Universal sent me to bring some realness to the industry

Got here, then I realized that ain't nobody real but me

Okay, a couple niggaz but none of 'em real as me

Tell your favorite rapper he should diss me if he disagree

My bad I'm actin like your favorite rapper isn't me

Tell your second favorite whose the best and show 'em a picture of me

He'd have to take me out to prove that he's as sick as me

So me verse me, the only battle that y'all gonna get to see

I'm plainly sayin what I'm sayin to make these haters mad

Perpetratin hatin ass, see me ridin candy slab

Disbelieve his ass, how many vehicles can he have?

I be losin count myself and I ain't even that bad at math

That's how we do it in Texas, poppin trunk and grippin wood

We reply to threats (how?) Nigga, I wish you would

You can keep on talking, but that's only if you could

Gotta turn my speakers up, can you hear 'em now? (No) Good!


Ain't runnin from a thang, cause I ain't never been a punk

Drama ain't a thang, cause I can bring it if they want

I'ma let it bang, so they can feel it in the (innnn the trunk)

You bout it wit'cha game, decide your rep and throw it up

What you tryin to drank, cause I'ma bout to get you drunk

Keep it pimpin mayne, so they can feel it in the (innnn the trunk)

[Verse 2]

This for the street niggaz knowin they gotta pee in a cup

Know your peace officer tossin ya when he see the results

This for the G's, hate is what you see in the scope

Gauge gonna get sprayed like it's Raid when you see him approach

Tell you ahead of time, solo I can handle mine

You ain't too smart but play the part like you a pantomime

But you don't have a nine, I'll show you I hammer mine

Time to make you do the Running Man like it's Hammer Time

Shout out to the west and all my gangstas pack heat up

Actin up and pack enough heat to make you back it up

The hoes back it up, soon as they hear the back of the trunk

Now I'ma stock like New York slang (What you mean?) That's what;s up

Money stack it up when they feel they have enough

Get the chips and add 'em up, then she givin that to us

Don't put all that in cuffs, treat your money like a slut

Niggaz better share, hell yeah, cause I just wanna cut

A hater gettin cut, someone gon' get hurt (hurt)

Especially if you met me and was disrespect turf (turf)

(Houston, Texas) I'm the worst, ice looking like sherbert

Bouncin off my chest, you're starin at it like a pervert

Mixtape god, don't hate me, go to church first (why?)

Might as well since all the rappers wearin church shirts

Better think ahead of time, call yourself a nurse (nurse!)

Diss me in your second and you won't get to finish your third verse


[Verse 3]

You in the presence of the finest

The game is full of fakes, all these rappin niggaz front (front)

_Controversy Sells_, the industry givin 'em what they want (want)

See he ain't gangsta as he say, that's why they dress 'em up

Get a vest, a plastic gun and go pull a publicity stunt

Hoe act like she slow, don't know that I'm rich

And ignore the handles missing from the do's of my whip

But then she saw me on TV and told me pause for a flick

(What you tell her?) You can "106 & Park" on my dick (on my dick)

Can't speak about Texas and not mention me

Cause the world gon' have to see the truth come out eventually

I'll rip any gimmick rapper out from A to Z

934-829 to the 2 if you still disagree

We never marry a hoe, what I'ma marry you fo'

I'm too busy tearin my shows up and getting married to dough (dough)

Grave dig a nigga, (Whatchu mean?) I bury a flow

Run, go get your city, come back and then I'ma bury your area code

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The Sound of Revenge

Chamillionaire texty

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