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Take my hand and you'll feel no pain
Come with me canalize this hate
Let me help with your emptiness
Or live without me and you'll be just like the rest
Same... Wick... Rest
Look around tell me what you see
Pained disgrace, fear and misery
Preachers with their false morality
To refuse me is live here for eternity
...Lifetime boy...
What;s the point in living with mediocrity?
Dark powers, evil spirits, way for demons
(Pray) to me
I can save you from here
What will you say to me
I'll live with my ignorance
What I have must be what I deserve
I won't try to deceive destiny
Doesn't matter what wrong or right, I'll be me
Thanks anyway
I can do better without you!!!
Fight the Power!!!

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Death Is a Lonely Business


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