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War of Our Lives - text


Take it back when we were the way
You got the rhythm and I take the shakes, baby
Everybody I know's doing fine
Couple years, it's the future now
And I was never quite sure how to make it out alive,
I like the sound of silence these days
Oh, I think I got it now
Oh, I think I got it now
I don't think it's coming
If you all keep on running
Then how will we all survive
The war of our lives

Waking up where it's all the same
I used to be lost, I swear I changed, baby
Everywhere I go feels so right
Couple nights, it's the way I think that brings me here
I have these dreams where all I've ever loved sings me to sleep

Yeah, I'll sing a song for the good times,
The old friends, and the summer nights
Who knew we were the lucky ones?
And I'll leave this all behind
Yeah, it wasn't easy but I survived
It's a long road and baby I'm ready for anything

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