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Swallowed by the Aeons of Time - text


Darkness constructing, the vast deep rises forth
Great poison from the sea, tenebrous wings storm the shore.

Lunacy exploding, reclaiming realms of wonder
Wailing out to infinity, roaring like a thousand thunders.

Rise & set blackest sun, shine upon the end of man
Let us pray to see Kadath, let us dream on plateaus of Leng.
Cover Earth with slate Abyss, reverberate our all-knowing end,
Welcome us through shamanic portals,
let our minds from our bodies ascend

Transparent being gleaming through emerald light
Undimensioned knowing not the day or night
Great mountain of madness, wielding wormholes from beyond,
Space-aquatic-levitator; summoning star-clusters blocking dawn

Yuggoth descend from what is left of our sky, and now the world & all contained inside shall die

This is the end, the end of all.
For all is lost...& lost are all.

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