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Submerged Stones of R'yleh - text


Awakening now, from an emerald-hazed slumber
Panic & mania...brought from what I have seen.
A city shrouded in complete & utter silence
Forbidden landscape of my blasphemous dreams
Obsolete vista of unknown architect
Cyclopean structures; malachite-like dripping ooze
It will bring horrors beyond the likes of Dunwich
It will bring horror, revelation & truth

It has gripped my mind; subconscious residuum
Involuntary visions of an estranged citadel
Luring Master; Telepathic Disseminator
I will find you through consciousness & will
Supreme dweller, who whispers in darkness
Seeking one...made of flesh & bone
Necronomic scriptures shall map my path
Descending unto undimensioned crypts of stone

"What I see is unmeant for mortal eyes.
Paralyzed in dream state I somehow telepathically
float towards the abstract monolith.
I seem to be lowering further & endlessly down.
Diminishing is the light of the sun which breaks through
what I can only imagine to be the crown
somewhere on the Pacific.
Darkening becomes my vision except for the unworldly
structure I fear to know. Engulfed in black oceans,
I am channeled forth...beyond my will.
As spoken by the Esoteric Order, here lays the sea soaked perversion that houses a great dead dreaming priest.

I have reached the monstrous acropolis. It sits in
loathsome shapes that could only be built by travelers
from dark stars beyond galaxies we've yet to discover.
Oh what mass this holds. Surely only a titan
must lurk within these stones.
Not even the gates of heaven could rival these dimensions.
Here surely rests the supreme dweller.
Deepest of deepest ones laying behind the wall of sleep.

I now must begin my decent beyond earth's
alternate dimensional plane. Outside the circles of time
& downwards through dark pillars bearing inscriptions
foreign to the eyes of man.
Behold the mighty nightmare-corpse city we once
thought unreachable.
Behold a dripping Babylon of elder-demons.
Behold the metropolis tomb & colony of Cthulhu.
Behold R'lyeh"

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