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Return to the Cosmic Infinity - text


Trembling earth, under chanting cults,
Chill winds bring vast new fear
Shattered-sky holds luminous bolts,
Old ones cast bondage of strange fever
Cosmic secrets of the glowing stone,
Planetary Giza alignment
Gates and Passages through voids unknown
Now unlocking a true god's confinement

Night howls peer haunting ecstasies,
they tear & echo like the wolves of hell
Possession through control-lost orgies,
for him...we are whipping ourselves
High-delerium & stagnant motion,
our minds are not our own-
Imprisoned animalistic fury,
peaceful now to the phantom; a drone

Soon be the season of the proper moon's cycle
Resurrection when the stars align
First signs of liberation & revival
Mi-gos plunge like comets in our skies

Like glowing hale falls alien orbs,
crashing violent into colossus-wave
Descending down upon our oceanic floors
implanting us with visions of his grave

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