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Into The Black Forest Of Witchery - text


Gathered Under Sweet Eve
May We Be Blessed', Veiled & Secluded
Hollow In Heart, Strong In Mind, Faded With Spirit
Sheltered Within These Woods... Like Mother... Bewitched

A Fire Burns With A Devil Inside
Under The Spell Of The Witches' Eye
Nothing But This Night To Live For Now
Turn, Turn, Fall... Burn!

The Scent Of Flesh Will Smother The Skies
As She Strengthens The Coven With Her Cries
Nothing But This Night - As Her Body Departs This Life
Higher - Higher - Praise Her Fire!

Tonight - Inside - Tonight - We Welcome Witchery

We Are As One Under The Dagger
We Are Saints As Snakes Within This Circle
We Are True Devotion Sworn Together In Blood
We Wear The Mark - Life From A Dying One

Tonight - Inside - Tonight - We Welcome Witchery

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Video přidal nightmareph

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