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A Throne Below the Black Sea - text


Iridescent golden flecks radiate within blackened stone
Hieroglyphic-colossal blocks, undoubtedly
The Destroyer's Throne.
Indestructable contraption that bears inscriptions,
Resurrecting instructions, aloft a heap of bones.
Terror of apprehension...creating imagination
I weave wild witchery to wake...thee unknown.
Alternative Universe, descend unto our atmosphere
Dark gods ascend in us, we reap what we have sown.

Let the voices of the faithful be heard beyond boundless
wells of night.
Chant boisterous, spirits of earth...shout hymns amidst
greatest might.
Dread & admiration, dream-sculptured incantations,
Psychotic mind-molestation, he is within my sight!
Great old one, elusive external King,
generate stellar blackness; our world devoid of light.
Electric anathema, bring song from Tru'nembra
cease the clock of time, import our spheres last rite.

My orifices dripping with jellied-green
For sure Shoggoths within my limbs
Protoplasmic organ fiends
Moving through my blood like a slithering Yig

Re-animator; I am the chosen one
Gifting re-birth to he who eternally lies
Yet with strange aeons...
Even Death may die.

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