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Catch Me If You Can - text


Catch me if you think you can
I know I´m fading fast
this blissful life I´m living now
I know will never last
I´m laying on my death bed here waiting to go home
So catch me if you think you can
My soul is starting to roam

My spirit floats away
My body´s here to stay
This feeling can´t be right
Never ending light
Some people mourn my death
Others laugh instead
I will not be condemned

Someone´s got to: Catch me if you can
Catch me if you can

They lower me to my grave
Still dark in my eyes
I say my final prayer
Devil´s all in diguise
Tomorrow, they will never think about me again
Until they come into the night and take me to my end

They´re on their knees
Begging please, don´t take me away
It´s ending in another day
They´re full of sorrow
Faces aghast with horror
Their bodies feel the pain
They scream!
Please, catch me if you can
catch me if you can

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