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On the eve of the Apocalypse.
We're entombed underground.
Radiation bleaches our skin.
Albinos we have become.
Nuclear crucifixion eradicates.
Obscures the sun away.
Toxic gas burns our eyes.
Asphyxiates my lungs.
Wounded and screaming.
Unconsciousness gleaming.
Suspended animation overcomes.
Six months go by.
Cataplexy it takes toll.
Awakening from my dismal slumber.
I now see well in the dark.
Bodily dysmorphia has crippled me.
Starving and dehydrated.
I claw my way back to life.
Hibernate. Somehow I did survive.
The only man alive. Spared from oblivion.
Extinction of man. A comatose being.
Living in a haze. Fortitude slips away.
Dreaming to survive. Inebriated life.
Sleep another day. I now dwell this lonely earth in search for living things.
Breathing still while world died.
Why death passed over me?
To repopulate this dying race. Rid the planet of hate!

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