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Why are these days, grey, dark and cold?
Trampled by debt, your pride has you alone?
Fear is the way, can you be safe?
When the air constricts, you can't escape
The power lies in your hands
You must take a stand
Choose your fate
with inner strength
Do what you can
Nothing in life is free
You must never fail
Unity in society
We all prevail
In challenging times, the gloom slowly fades
Ample thoughts, will lead the meek astray
Slave day to day, rise above the flay
Reaping dreams to reality, hostility efforts made
The force grows in the soul
Can you feel the rage
Heave your fist
Into the air
Thrash away disdain
Living life's parody
Expect insidious change
In fettle form i reach to you
Rife with angst and pain

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