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Generation of Flies - text


A truncated cadaver located on a jetty
The body was discovered early in the morning
It tells the story of very serious violence
Shoe prints everywhere in the mud
Four feet, one adult, one child

A new generation of flies

Someone is kidnapping homeless people
Torture them so bad that they soon die
Zipper down, opening the bag of plastic
The acrid scent hurts passing through the nose
After a long time floating in the balmy water
Body fats turned into a rancid smelling paste
Resembling look and texture as white defecation

A new generation of flies

The body has been lying in the reeds
Hidden for three weeks, badly damaged
The epidermis on the hands and feet
Had absorbed so much water
It comes off as socks and gloves
They pupate to become a new generation of flies

Bodies lying in water transform
Flies are gathered infesting the body
Head and legs and arms pointing downwards
Torso with the legs bent in the hip joints
Yellow Red grains around the eyes and nose and mouth
Flyblows develop into larvae
Drilling deep into the soft tissues to feed
Pupate to become a new generation of flies

A new generation of flies
They pupate to become a new generation of flies

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