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Unidentified space, dark but warm, wallpapers from the seventies
The supporting role consists of a highly ranked pediatrician
You never see his face

Faceless - Actors of the underworld

The picture also contains three more people to complete the cast
Two other men in the same age, both faceless
The last character is a tiny but adult Asian woman
It's obvious that she wants to escape

Faceless - Actors of the underworld
Faceless - Actors with identities blurred

Passivity of them both spectators, calm movements with heavy breaths
Most driving is the fat man with scars, directs the body language
Slightly tubby with a soft tone in his groaning, prematurely grey
The woman constantly drinking alcohol to daze herself
Chastens her demons with drugs and liquor
Actors that purchased in the deep dark of the underworld

Text přidal DevilDan

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