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Beyond the Dark - text

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Inside me the voices
Slowly taking over
Drawing me a picture
Of a life that isn't over
Convincing me how to make
My life worth living
It contains chainsaws
And lot's of bloodspilling
Beyond the dark
I can see the shadows
Of evil rise
Rise to walk among us,
The chosen ones
The moment for the kill
Is when it all gets clearer
All the voices silent
As the chainsaw sever
Blood is spraying everywhere
Cut out and eat your liver
Bodyparts slippery blood
My concentration deliver
Keep pushing me to the edge
And I'll explode in rage
I want to see you suffer
Bleed out and die
When it all is done
I must prepare again
The voices coming back
But I know how to end (it)
Convinced how to make
A life worth living
Ir contains chainsaws
And lot's of bloodspilling

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