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I know the pain of insane which comes to my soul
I see the streets drowned in rain the melody of sad
Flag is tremblin' in my hands
I'm beatin' out the paintings in rock
the picture of the dying people monuments of black tales
Glaciers melted from the glow of thousands of hells
forged with hands of the condemned beings
the create the inaccessible heaven
the vision of modern machine of extinction
Scorning the might of universe we're staying equal gods
to feel the shudder of anxiety
when the all generations fall to ruin
aspiration for eternity for the might of mind
dark visions of bright'n'pemicious tombs
Glaciers of steel the monuments
of superhuman effort of the crowds
stupified of life when the impotence
and lack of final apocaliption inside
Wrecks of words, of ecstasy this all
mixed up with mud'n'slime of hopeless expectation
Be equal to heaven'n'have a glance at shadows eyes
feel the taste of divinity and fall of the huge ceiling
those are the poisoned drugs of a limited mind
the circle of light is whirling like the mill
When the earth will have covered the steel of our feelings
it will stay just the silence
and the marble monument of the man

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