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Deadzone - text

[Chris Wright]
If I die on the first of the month, pay my rent bill
Deuce in the fold, couple bills, make a bitch chill
Three hoes with me, dine and dash, while you fifth wheel
They on a bunch of shit they shouldn’t be on, they can’t sit still
Whipping in that '02 Chevy with the tropical name
The money low but the hunger keep me top of my game
She spilt the lean on my Vans, now they purple and stained
I brought the cash to the club and I left with no change
Pull up on that Cemetery Drive with my headstone
Death sound boring, hope they bury me with headphones
Couple gold chains and an outlet for my cell phone
Six feet deep, ain’t no service, it’s a dead zone
[Cloud Mac]
"Lil Medusa," she looking fine while she puffing the hookah
Catching all the body's man, she doing this shit a bit gruesome
I'm Captain Corpse, in this bitch, never stop bro
Everything I touch I extort, you looking soft bro
You touched her wrong, so I'm summoning the ghouls
Crawling up out all their graves, don't you try to play the fool
And I pull up and my shoes looking jet black
Top looking jet black, everything is jet black (yeah)
And this face is the last you'll ever see
As I send you from this place to a land of agony
Cemetery Drive, pull up with the skull mask
Cemetery Drive, looking decked out in some all black
[Miles Powers]
Cemetery drive, I’m a sedentary God
Got that swank so the fans go wild, pop that xan imma dance all night
What’s a movement to a zeitgeist, breakin' bread I’m Christlike
I ain’t tread lightly got that 20 / hund'ed eyesight
Blurry vision, blurry thoughts, turn 'em into murder plots
Might of heard of me I stay assertive and I stay aloft
Damage them amicably damn what it be, ran with the salmon I swam on the beat
Hannah Montana's and Pamela Anderson's planning no marriage I’m married to freaks
Pluralized purple skies, yeah I’m high as fuck
Serve 'em words kill verbally got purple weed let’s light it up
Need my trees and need my Z's and need my zips and read my lips
All that talk and ain’t no walk the reason you a little bitch
Flirting with death cos' she thick as fuck, got a date, she said come pick me up
Got really nervous a hour before, called her up said I can't make it (uh)
Now she say she gonna kill me what? Now she say she in my building what?
Now she say she on my floor, knocking on my door, all up in her feelings what?
Glimpsing through the peephole I can see she got a weapon wow
Eyes full of evil, easy guessing her intentions now
I open the door hoping somehow we can talk it out
Couldn't even speak a word, now I see my body from the ground
This is my resurrection, I'm itching for my vengeance
Life and death, you can meet at the intersection
Cemetery drive, find me at my gravestone
About to take over, filling shoes, cos' they waste souls

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