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The Sentinel/Celtica - text


Answers you seek lie within your soul
Deep are the valleys that you have to walk
Hard is the task that you must fulfil
To Celtica we go
To try to find the answer
This is our enigma
The holy path we follow on and on

Land of our dreams is Celtica
The place where we go when we’ve lived
All our lives just waiting for
The land of our fathers then fly
On the wings of Celtica
When our time has come we shall live
All our days in Celtica

Walk in the dark, walk in the light
Resting place beckons it’s almost in sight
Know where it is, just gotta find it
Then harmony we’ll know
I feel alive when I dream of you
In the afterworld will I see you
Guardian of Celtica I’m home

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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