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Guardian of Eternity - text


Times made some changes, rearranged my world
I guess now I’m older, and nearer my afterworld
It won’t be long till I’m up on my way
I hear the guardian he’s calling my name

Look like it’s gonna rain, and wash me to evermore
I’m happy but sad to leave, it’s breaking my heart to go
Happiness beckons but so far away
Cherish our memories don’t lock them away

My eyes they grow weary, my heart beats oh so slow
The guardian appears to me, he opens his arms
That look on his face it says it all
“Welcome my brother to evermore”

Into my sons flow the blood from my veins
My sword I bequeath to you fear not the pain
Fear not the hellion who laughs at us all
Don’t shy from the enemy, answer the call
Guardian oh guardian please answer my call
(Let my heart fly)
Lead me on this way to my evermore
(show no darkness)
Light my way, from the holy path don’t let me stray
Hear me pray, in the shadows let me not decay
Grant me this one wish before I must die
(Grant me one wish)
Carry my legacy beyond this life
(Listen to me)

Take a look at your destiny
Raise your eyes to the gods

As I walk with the guardian of eternity
Side by side with me and in him you shall believe
When he shines his light on the soul of every warrior
In the night you’ll see your eternal destiny
When he smiles

Text přidal DevilDan

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