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I feel the pressure that is resting on my brow
No time to wonder why I’m lost among the crowd
I know the secrets that are hid behind the stones
But then you know some stones are better left unturned
I’m not as strong a man as once I used to be
But those philosophies my father taught to me
Are making sense, I never thought I’d see the day
That I would listen to a single word he’d say

The pen is stronger than the sword some people say
And those who run they live to fight another day

Erinmor I can feel from a land across the sea
Now my hearts beating fast as I’m nearer the green
Of the land I called home and of my own family
Evermore in my heart Erinmor you were more than just a dream

But now I realise how wise my father was
In what he said and what he wanted to be done
I’m taking two men and I’m turning into one
One of the guardians he hoped I would become

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Video přidal DevilDan

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