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Celtic Legacy - text


Open up the book of Kells; tell me what you see
A heritage of Erin old, a Celtic legacy
To tell of times forgotten, and of Ireland's favourite sons
Of the good times and the bad times under God's beloved sun
Of battles won and battles lost by our Celtic forefathers
Of death and of destruction by Viking marauders
Of how our country got her name, of Cuchulain of Ferdia
Of Finn McCumhaill and Brian Boru, the O'Donnells and Hugh O'Neill

Oh tell me more of Erin old, of the famine of black '47
Our loved ones lost 1916, how they'll be forgotten, never
Look around our countryside, the fairest of them all
In every hill and every field there's a story to be told
But if you don't believe me, just look and you will see
In this heaven called the Emerald Isle, the orange, white and green
So listen to my stories old, and tell me what you see
Just what I mean I mean by heritage
And our Celtic Legacy

Into the light come the soldiers of war
Up to the battlefield proudly they walk
Ready for anything, devil or man
To fight for their liberty, thy will be done

Centuries of fighting with no real result
Celtic attacks up to bombing assaults
Nobody wins everyone loses
Good over evil what will you choose!

Nobody laughs, everyone cries
Nobody lives, everyone dies
Out of the dark ages into the light
Fighting for liberty night after night

Willing sacrifice everything here
Looking for peace for everyone dear
Do what they got to do to save our land
Everyone's got to lend a hand

Tell me stories long and true
Of how our land has grown up through
The ages that have long gone, passed us by
A nation we may never be, no peace, no love, no liberty
Unrest in our country 'til I die

Out of the ashes the spirit did rise
From the embers of war he arose
A spirit of freedom from heaven and earth
To show us the light from above
Life and love and liberty are well worth fighting for
To make our country one again, to open up the door

Well will our people stop fighting inside
They start off as heroes, tomorrow they die

And now that my story's nearly told
Looking back at your folk and the old
This legacy of love and hate will die
In our hearts so full of passion as we cry

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