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I don't care about this life
No I don't care anymore
It's a bad idea to self-medicate
And it isn't good to stay in bed all day
But I still gotta get myself a restraining order
Against me and every car outside

I paid 65 pounds for this kite
And it doesn't even fly
I think I tore it up in my dreams last night
Content is dead to me
Feeling something is nice at least but
I just want you to be okay
I need you to stay

Raincoat Scuba-dive underneath the sky
I know that you cry so easy
Even when you try so hard
Nobody's here
Tear out all your hair
Break all of your bones
Okay, but not today

Are you near me
Can you see me
Can you hear me
Are you happy
Are you up there
Do you know me
Do you feel scared
Are we okay

Text přidala IrogamiCZ

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