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Night Knuckles - text


Welcome to midnight
Screams when I open my eyes
Premeditated isolation
and it still bites

Welcome to real life
Time doesn’t matter and you’re gonna die
Drip drop it goes through the holes in your skull
In the night time they grow
In the night time they grow

Leave if you’re sure
When it comes to this you know better than you think
And don’t tell me it’s fine
don’t tell me I’m wrong
Because the faker the hope,
the more painful the song

Get it in your thick skull
Of course it won’t be easy
It’s just the way it is deal with it I’m tired of whining
These are just things that I hammer into my skin
in the night when the sky looks like my
knuckles and my eyes

Text přidala IrogamiCZ

Video přidala IrogamiCZ

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