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Santa Mira - text


Gripping the mask with fear
A secret you must to share
Fear that the end is near
Restless as you dare
Follow the darkened path
A lesser travelled way
Towards eternal wrath
Desire which they praise

Smothering behind the mask
Choking as you breath
Turning to a pile of ash
Certain you can't leave
Suffocating mask around
A smothered twisted face
No escape, forever bound
To never leave this place

Santa Mira drawning nearer
The sign in the mirror
The face getting clearer
On Hallows Eve, gather round
Glowing screen which you're bound
Santa Mira your children are here

Locked in the tracing screen
The children gather 'round
Semiconscious structured state
Which they're forever bound
Mechanized suits in sight
Won't let you far tonight
Someone's got you running
They won't let this empire fall

An ancient coven dynasty
The season of the witch is free
Try to make a run but not too far
Who would ever want to try
Or understand the reason why
They will never let this empire fall

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