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Come Not Here - text


The chosen few they have travelled to
Engage in games of depraved desire
The twisted playground of the first elite
Beyond the knowledge of society
Deep in the woods hide the skull and bones
Gather round with your crimson robe
Sink your teeth into the darkest treat
The best offering of the finest fleet

High in the hills waiting in the dark
Ceremony is about to spark
Cremate your care in the firy pit
Human torso and Cranium split
See the details in the children's bones
The body burns as the owl looks on
Retain this night of ethology
Growing stronger for eternity

Spit upon the fire, an oracle of desire
Time to cast your feelings away
Wisdom of the sire, emotional transpire
Let the wind come and carry thy doubt away

Beyond the web are the restless breed
The chosen elite abound
And all are free on this deadly night
Burning it to the ground

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