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Rigth from the moment that i looked in your eyse
i just knew that finally love had taken me by supprise
now it seems that we are just a heartebeat away
from the very happy first kiss
i know it’s waiting for us one sweet day

It’s just a matter of time oh baby
before i make you mine
‘cos i waited for this moment for all my life
now i can’t let go because i know
it’s just a matter of time

Girl there is one thing that i’m certain of
i’am sure one day our friendship will melt into love
they say taht good things come to those who wait
and since you#re the best thing i’ve ever seen
you haven’t come a day too late

Chorus (...)

in my dreams i see us
me and you
but is’s gonna take some time
before my dreams come true

Chorus (...)

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