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Don't Look For Love - text


You say little things mean so much to you
like walkes in the park when we talked to the
but these little things
made me fall for you
and I can`t refrain,
I just haveto explain
I would die for you asked me to
I know it sounds strange but It`s true
Girl don`t you look for lovè
`cause It`s close enough don`t
search any further
`cause my love won`t hurt you
Don `t look for lovebe sure enough I`m ready and able
to be all that you`re dreaming of
(all that you`re dreaming of)
Baby let me know how it feels for you
Don`t say we are just friends,
on this part depends
oh I cannot do when I know it`s true
If you told me no then we`d have to let you go
can`t spend time with you now you know the
unless you say I`m in your heart
repeat chorus
If I head the chance to spend my life with you
there`s nothing I would not do
so I`m letting you know that
there`s no need for searching
you know I`m deserving
repeat chorus
Baby Don `t you look for love

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