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Mutual Assured Destruction - text


Of all the religions at our grasp
Of the ideals that we enact
With all the past against our backs
There's one thing we can agree on...

We've made this goddamned place a toilet
Maybe it's high time we flush it

Any shreds of humanity left, we crush it
So far up our own ass, it's bullshit
Turn loose the missiles, hear the sirens
Since our species knows is violence

Mutually Assured Destruction
Humanity's major malfunction

Completely ruinous
Absolutely deleterious
Detrimentally disastrous
Fundamentally preposterous
Categorically cancerous
Unquestionably gangrenous
Unconditionally hazardous
Unabashedly bastardous

Mutual assured destruction

Throughout our history and science
We've killed the self and self-reliance
We've formed a disturbing alliance
Our enemies become our clients
With this natural non-compliance
Attacking earth - infectious virus
Since all our species knows is violence
Let mountains bask in utter silence

Mutual Assured Destruction
Humanity's major malfunction

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