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Sometimes,  people do not open doors for me
And  I think to myself‚ this is not so nice
Sometimes‚ I'm walking down the road
And people open their car doors
And  I think‚ that's not so nice
Sometimes,  I step in chewing gum
And I think to myself, that's not so nice
Sometimes  I have to take the bins out
And live alone and that is not nice
That's not that nice
Sometimes I go to fancy restaurants
And  there's dirt on the fork
That is not nice
Sometimes I like to go shopping for food
But there's no bags in my pockets
So I have to pay five pence
For a plastic bag I don't want
And that is not nice
Sometimes I put on a jumper to go outside
And I think to myself
The t-shirt I'm wearing is not so nice
And then the sun comes out
And I have to take off my jumper
And it makes me feel sad because as I previously stated
My t-shirt's not nice
So I'm walking through the village with a terrible t-shirt on
And I can hear all my neighbours telling eachother
That's not that nice
Well‚ it's not my fault, the weather played a cruel trick on me
And now I'm here
Oh no, what is she wearing?
She's coming out dressed like a stupid girl
Oh no‚ why is she wearing
A t-shirt that looks like she's stupid?
Oh no, what is she wearing?
She's come out the house without any shoes
Oh no, what is she doing?
She's walking around with a
Why doesn't she ever brush her hair?
Why doesn't she ever wear any shoes?
Why does her hair look like a nest?
Why does she never wear any shoes?
Well I don't know why and I could never ask her
Sometimes I think I could go up to her and ask her
And I'm walking, I could get myself a croissant from the bakery
And everybody is looking at me as if I have committed a crime
As if I have committed a crime
It says just do it
But I don't wanna just do it
But I don't wanna just do it
I wanna just do it
I don't wanna just do it
I do not wanna just do it
Oh, what do you know?
Well, what do you know?
Oh, what do you know?

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