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Back to life, we have no means
When he died, religion spoke
Did you ever look beyond belief?
Oh, to love him is bigger than dreams
Canonised, he walked around
Did you ever see him on his knees?
I wanted to meet the man
I wanted to meet the man
Innocence sent out on a wing
We'll decide by monuments
Did you ever wonder where he hymned?
And I love him in ribbon and steel
In disguise love occupied
Did you ever look beyond belief?
I wanted to meet the man
I wanted to meet the man
Hard lines
He slips outside
His hand on his heart
His heart on my mind
Invented time
He dances through dust
Conscience of light
And broken hearts put out of my mind
And the sweets of their lies
They're out of sight
They're out of sight
And he sings to me
Sings his heart to me
Brings the seal to me
And the good song goes
Heroes, heroes
Tell me, baby
Tell me, please
Love is good
Love is ancient to me
Love is you
Love is beautiful to me
(Love is) Love is you

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