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Have I ever told the story
how every Sunday
I'd walk through the city
and through the alleyways
and one day while walking
I met a man
and he said the cards he held were not in his plan
he told me a story about his old life
and how everyone he loved left him with a knife in his back
and his story was so clear to see,
this man reflected on what happened to me
I told him please listen cause I am the same
but my heart never told me to give up and walk away
times never do far gone,
starting over is hard but it helps us move on
two weeks had passed and I walked through those buildings
to find that the man had appeared to be missing
I saw his backpack sitting on the ground
and on top was a note I was sad I had found
it read son you and I are alike in most ways
but your courage is stronger than mine could ever hope to be
and down at the bottom I found an address
and my eyes filled with tears and my head with distress
I got up and ran as fast as I could
to a hospital nearby and asked if they would
tell me where that man was and if he was okay
and they told me they found him dead in an alleyway
I sat there for hours not knowing what id heard
til I got up and left and walked home without a word,
sometimes time helps us move on
but starting overs hard when your life is gone
sometimes time helps us move on but startin overs hard when your life is gone

Text přidala TheCreepyCZ

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