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Dusty scent in the room
bewitched your heart
Fading smiles of your past
blended on your child face
somehow tricked and captured
in the cobwebs of the time that passed by
Ballerina, day and night
drifting in black water…
For you the day starts with moonlight
Ballerina, who's scared of loneliness
not love loaded with all that burden
The mists inside veiled your sight
Will someone break away
that damned curtain!
So that you might be able to see
what invaded your way home Ballerina!
All spiders or dragonflies?
You're lost in that water
as cold as your heart
Watch the reflections
of your lines on the sky
Day & Night, this water absorbing
that dismal blackness from where?
From the fading day, this sleeping sky
or from you?

Text přidal Flariel

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