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14_Won't Be Afraid - text


[Verse 1]
Well I've been at the top of a cliff and seen ships go sailing away
And I've watched the sea turn green and bright blue fish swim in the shade
I've imagined skies in reverse and heard stormy mountains collide
I was there by the shore on the night when the stars all married the tide

When the time arrives
We must form a line
Would you stand and take my side
Would you take my side?

No I won't be afraid
You know I won't be afraid
When the evening takes all of the color out of my day
And the morning is as far as it could ever be away

[Verse 2]
And now we've journeyed through the world as if our dreams were an ocean to wade
Underwater kites they glide like a friendship set on a wave



[Verse 3]
And maybe I'm afraid of fools, the children that are saved
And maybe I'm not certain when they'll draw the final curtain
The woman in the water and the baby in the bath
And the morning is as far as it could ever be away

[Chorus] x2

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