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11 The Night That Never End - text


"The Night That Never End"

One night when I was sleeping
a gypsy lady sneak into my head
and she said
'I've got a bottle of schnapps
lets get to know each other drinking
a belly full of laughs
and some thoughts that beyond thinking
let's play a game of those cards my friend
because tonight I'm going to show you
how the night it never never never ends'

Morning is
one thousand dreams away
and our expedition
telling us to stay
so stay we will we've got that gypsy lady
perched upon our bow
and the empire ship be heading
where the wild ones they are now
oh how the gods look down
and frown at those who never stood said
'my name is no-one'
then went a little mad

And from time to time
she sneaks back inside me and she say
'lucky sing the secrets that I taught you always'
replied 'as long as I am living
I never forget
that the sun is never shining and it never set'
so let's make some fire and smoke and then
we'll go exploring in the night
that never never never end


I've got a tingle in my back
and something sparking in my toes
I get the shivers through my body
when that trumpet blows
and while asleep I am awake
and while awake I am dreaming
before I start to think
I am scheming
to start a party tonight my friends
because tonight I'm going to show you
how the night it never never never ends

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