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It was a day just like any other day
I was a boy just like every other boy
But when the girl unlike any I had seen
It's like she stepped out of a dream and into my world

Could have been the summer wind playing with her hair
As the sun danced in her eyes we were standing there
She smiled, I forgot my name 'cause all I was thinking

Maybe I'm crazy but I'm praying
That an angel will love me, an angel will love me
Maybe I'm a fool but I'm still falling asking heaven above me
For an angel to love me the rest of my life

You're the proof that the Father answers prayers
'Cause somehow someway you and I are standing here
With the sacred promise and a ring that says it all
I've just begun to fall from the deepest part of me, I say, "I do"

After all the changing seasons have turned to years
The crowns are gone and the suns have faded
I'd still be here holding you
When thanking heaven for my angel

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