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Take Care Of Me Baby - text

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[Verse 1: Cassie]
It’s not about me, I do this for you
Still wanna talk shit about everything I do
Crazy thing about it – I’m gettin’ high
Way out in space while you wait down in the sky
Crazy thing about it – I’m gettin’ paid
If you do what I say – attitude might change
Crazy thing about it – I’m doin’ me
While we do each other, it’s like a movie scene
Crazy thing about it – everything been crazy
So I look at you in my mirror and say “take care of me, baby”
Take care of me, baby
Take care of me, baby
Take care of me, baby
Take care of me, baby
Take care of me, baby
Take care of me, baby
Take care of me, baby
Take care of me, baby
[Verse 1: Pusha T]
Take care of you – I don’t care if I’m buying
GTs, VVs – small things to a giant
Tapped phones track hoes, what’s the use of you spyin’?
Her furs, your furs house cat to a lion
I ain’t doin’ no lyin’ – I ain’t doin’ no creepin’
All I’m missing is a jack-o-lantern
Trick or treating’s in season
All your jewels is now freezin’
All your pumps is now teasin’
Every heel is like 6-inch
All your jeans is now squeezin’
When you in it for the long haul
You crawl with her, you ball with her
She shotgun
And my milk Ghost so damn ripe, I’mma spoil with her
Like Jodeci, she forever my lady
On a talk show, I’ll tell Maury I’mma take care of that baby
Ah! Push!
[Verse 2: Cassie]
Baby… even if we lost everything, I’d be right there
It’s crazy… when you know you’ve got everything sitting right there
Crazy thing about it – they the ones confused
Payin’ us all this attention when I know they could use
At least a couple more dollars – meanwhile, I’m cool
These diamonds keep me cool
They just mad ’cause you always…

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