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Fade Away - text


One shot gotta make it count on top but we still tryna make it out any obstacle in my way ima take them out nothings impossible man and i aint about slowing down or giving up im going all out for mine you probably think im out of my mind my time is now i doubt ill find another opportunity like this in my life im on a mission to fight the condition is right you got to touch the bottom if your trying to relate i can see through all the bullshit my vision is great im holding onto my position i dont listen to hate cuz competition wishing that i slip and make a mistake nah


They can try and take my place but im here to stay nothing ever stays the same but i aint gona fade away

Real recognize real so you gotta feel it sick of cops sick of being on the block dealing could be locked up handcuffs and a dark ceiling money over freedom i dont find that appealing they label me a criminal my family gotta eat tho this lifes like a dream but i barely ever sleep no fake friends and foes i dont really keep those every time i touch a beat like Jordan on a free throw eyes closed highs lows its all the same to me this life that i chose it aint a game to me i stay moving forward i aint taking a break cuz competition wishing that i slip and make a mistake nah

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Video přidal Paul_R

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