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Built Like This - text


Okay everybody listen up, cause I'm not gonna fuckin' say it again
Were gonna be expanding
You hear me? Look at me
Were gonna be broadening our horizons
Were gonna be doing some business out of Canada
There’s a guy up there
He’s connected, he’s a friend of ours
Name of Capsian!
Very talented kid
I know this kid, he’s got connections and he’s gonna be working with us on a few projects
And if you have a problem with that, you fucking come to me

[Verse 1: Caspian]
You motherfuckers better stay calm!
I got an itchy trigger finger imma scratch it if you play dumb
I ain't a faint one!
Y’all know where I came from
Middle East, fuck peace
Killa's spray guns, huh?
I’m in a low rider with a pistol(with a pistol)
Or in a Maserati with a missile (with a missile)
Bitch it’s official, check your girl’s ass
And you’ll see my initials
Forget about me? Yeah Right!
I, I, I've been up for three damn nights
Deal, dealing with some muthafuckin’ hustlers
We livin’ that ski mask life
You can hate all you want but suckas ain’t fucking with me
Slept on us now you gotta pay twice
You dealing with the realest motherfuckers in the game

You talk a lot of shit but you can’t back it up
Nah homie you ain’t built like this
We so slick with this shit and you actually suck
Nah homie you ain’t built like this
Brought the goons with me and we gon’ fuck up the club
Nah homie you ain’t built like this
Talk all you want bitch but we don’t give a fuck
Killa you ain't built like this!
(3x) (you ain’t built like this nah homie you ain’t built like this)
(you ain’t built like this killah you ain’t built like this)

Back seat of the ride
Bounce for a week and they think that I died
Fuck your opinion im speaking my mind
Drinkin’ this shit til I’m legally blind
I’m free by design
Increasin’ the crime
Holdin’ my own
By now you would think that the kid would be known
Open your mouth and I will throw you a bone
I’ll burn your house down when I know that you’re home
This is the, realest shit you actually heard
Grab a bat and smash your nerves
Leave you out back with the fuckin’ rats and birds
Fuckin’ with Casp and Snak that’s what’s deserved
Every verse is wild
I’m versatile
Writt, written with a feather in cursive style
Every minute spent listen is worth your while
I got an out of shape body but a perfect smile

[Chorus] (2x)

Stealth bomb bitch!

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