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Cold White Christmas - text

Cap and gown in purple and gold
You're 22 years old
And a woman now you're told
Aunt Beth and Charlie cut a check
For the graduating niece
And you marked your independence
With a signature on a lease
But home was a photograph
You taped to your wall
It's gonna be a cold
white Christmas in St. Paul

Beer for breakfast who's gonna scold
You've got your early hours dulled
By the cigarettes you rolled
Second shift as a fry cook
That's your holiday in grease
And you trudge to work through the snow
In a coat down to your knees
And you linger at the twinkle lights
As you pass by the mall
And count the days to a cold
white Christmas in St. Paul

Feather down, the nights get so cold
And you ignore the smell of mold
As you smooth out the folds
When you're on your own
You've got no one to please
In a Minnesota city just as bare
And as mean as the winter trees
But you'll be damned if you're the one
Making collect calls
On a cold white Christmas in St. Paul
Yeah, it's a cold
White Christmas in St. Paul

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