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Hello folks, hello my friends
Do you feel ok tonight?
Let's go once more, pack the bags and out of this old doors
It's time to make history
It's time to write the story on or just to sing a few songs
So sing together, sing along
I don't know where we going
Where the way leads us to
But what ever happens tonight, I know for sure
No one can ever take away
The memories of these times
They're forever tattooed in my heart
In all these years you became a brother to me
I'm glad for every second we spent, you and me
Sometimes I don't wanna stay
Sometimes it feels like home
With nice people around me
A good party going on
So come on get the shit together and get into the bus
Another town waits for us
And it's a long way to go for us
Always together
No one can bring us down
Let's get it on today
Another place, another town
Together we're standing
We will never fall back down
We got friends in every city and a place to stay in every town
You're my family
I love to be with you
Boozing together and sing along with you.

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