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Spittin' On Reptiles - text


I don't think about the times we had because what was said made it all so clear*
My state of mind as you left behind all the things you said that were so hard
to hear
Spare me your shit as I fill my mouth with spit
For your mouth as I open up, you're outta luck
Now you, you are dead
I will move on with none of you
There's nothing you can do
I will move on now I am through
I've given
Up on you? you let me down? you wont even try to change
Up on you? you bring me down? you wont even try to change
And now you're beggin' for my help, well I wont. NO!
All the things you said are hard to hear
You're outta luck, you're not sincere
Your mouth is where I'll shit
Talking is all you fuckin' do man
Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk is all you do

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