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I Hope We're Not the Last - text


Playing fast and playing hard
We never meant to get this far
Sometimes your dreams will just take you by surprise
Growing up at lions club, milk bars, house shows so much fun
This is what helped us to become who we are
A dying breed just like before, we weren't first but hope there's more
Words of hope to always help you carry on
And I hope we're not the last
It seems to me if you're real, you will not last
And I hope we're not the last
I hope we're not the last
Not breaking up or breaking down just moving onto new grounds
A time for change has shown its face
But we still move against the grain
By the choices me make
All our actions are still straight
I hope we're not the last for the ones who seek ideas of change
For the ones who still remain, I hope we're not the last !

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