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You Can't Hold On Too Long - text


i can't put out your fire
i know it's too late
i can't be up for hire
it's not my best trait
the gallow glass is cracking
it's starting to smash
how can you cry
without blinking a lash
you're feeling cross and wavy
on the edge of the cuff
you're pushing and popping
you can't get enough
you wish that it was over
you never slow down
you're looking for kicks
there's nothing around
you can't hold on too long
it's alright
you can't hold on too
long it's alright
you're surrounded by the laughing boys
they puncture your style
they send for their bandanas
you try for their smile
you'd like to come in colors
you don't know which one
you can't be too choosy
it's just for fun

Text přidal Louis16

Video přidal Louis16

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