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Hello Again - text


you might have forgot
the journey ends
you tied your knots
you made your friends
you left the scene
without a trace
one hand on the ground
one hand in space

you passed on mercy
you tried the rest
you gave your body
you gave the best
staring at the green door
living in the sky
you don't want to know it
you just want to fly

hello again

i know you're a dreamer
who's under the gun
i know you're a dreamer
who's only just begun

and when there's nothing
nothing left to loose
you leave it all
to fade to blue

you want to feel electric
you want to feel loose
you want to be eclectic
you want to call a truce
look at the profile
staring at the flame
waiting for the sunshine
standing in the rain

Text přidal Louis16

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