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I have always been a dreamer
Followed visions of my own
I was born to belong to the lines of a song
And make them my home

I believe in happy endings
Though I’ve only known a few
For as rare as they are, like a bright falling star
I’ve found one in you

Sometimes all the world can seem so friendless
And the road ahead so endless
And the dreams so far away
Sometimes when I’m almost to surrender
Then I stop and I remember
I have you to save my day

Often my imagination
Has me reaching out too far
When I’d fail you were there with your hand in the air
You knew from the start

Sometimes after all you’ve done to save me
Through the love you freely gave me
Every step along the way
Sometimes people ask what keeps me going
And in truth it comes from knowing
I have you to save my day

Sometimes feeling helpless when I held you
Wishing words would come to tell you
I have you to save my day

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A Kind of Hush

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