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I think we've both been here before,
There doesn't seem to be much more,
My mind is shut, the door is closed,
Am I alone?

We're sitting here, we're eye to eye,
We've crashed into a wall so high,
Fear's taken us wo prisoners,
Can we let go?

Tell me your darkest secret, tell me.
Show me what you don't want me to see,
Let me in. I want to know you, hold me.
Tell me your darkest secret,
I'll tell you mine.

We used to live for honesty,
Truth was our security,
We're walking down two different paths,
We've lost our way.

What's wrong with wanting everything,
Dark and light and in between,
What will be our saving grace?
What can we say?

Unlock the door, come inside,
There's no reason to be afraid,
Just talk to me.

We can hear the cry of love,
It echoes deep and far above,
What will be our saving grace?
What will we say?

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