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Trampoline - text

Some people got much too much
Some people got the midas touch now
Some people are waiting for the train
Some people got blood on their hands
Some people see Disneyland now
Some people are candles in the rain

It's like a trampoline
Goes up goes down
You're out of luck or you're heaven bound
But we've got something, no we're never gonna touch the ground
On the trampoline
Just me and you
Just a little love will see us through
Hang on to me baby, cause I'm right here with you
On the trampoline

Some days are like a leaky boat
Some days are like all she wrote now
Some days I'm so happy I could sing
I won't tell you 'bout the things I've seen
The ups and downs and the inbetweens
I get so low but I know
My bells are gonna ring
It's a trampoline

We are on a roller coaster
We have made it through that far
Baby what we need is mostly
Being sure of what we are
On the trampoline...

Text přidal MaaaRa

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