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Storyville - text

Me and Jodie left Atlanta
I snuck her out of her back door
We drove that car down to Savannah
And Jodie drove when I could drive no more
We left the winter back in Georgia
I left the dust that filled my lungs
She said my people were all born here
We'll hit Louisiana 'fore the morning comes

She said this is it
This is where we stop
You got nothing to lose if
You ain't got a lot
This is what we are
This is where we belong
If you listen very hard
They'll be playing our song

Down in Storyville
Where a man can live his life and get his fill
This is Storyville
Where there's music in the air and time to kill

My father dug the wells in Tulsa
Never quite got the grease off his hands
He was a digger and a tough one
But he never was a company man
Louisiana was inviting
Around the time of the boom
Those creole women moved like lighting
And Dixieland could really shake the room
And my father said this is it

Text přidal MaaaRa

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